Monday, 16 February 2015

Mini Make - Candy Cane Mouse

Candy Cane Mice
This month I have been asked to do a Mini Make activity with the WI ladies on the theme of Cheese and Wine. When I was asked, I thought of cheese and mice, but since watching Winterwatch I discovered mice don't actually choose cheese! But I stuck with the mice idea anyway!
This is really more of a Christmas tutorial, but you can be prepared, or give one as an Easter gift to someone who doesn't like chocolate (is that even posssible?!!!)
To make a mouse you need a small amount of felt, a candy cane, some fabric glue and some eyes. For my eyes I used black brads from here, but you can use buttons or just felt pen them on.I have checked, and candy canes are available on ebay if you don't have any left from Christmas.

Cut out a body, an ear piece, two inner ears (if wanted) and a nose.
Fold the mouse and pattern in half together and use as a guide to cut the two sets of slits.
Roll the ear piece up
Carefully slide the ear through the two slits at the head end, stopping in the middle.
Glue or sew ear patches on if you want - don't forget a nose!
Add two eyes you can use buttons, brads or even draw them on
Slide the candy cane through the slits in the tail and the loop created by the ears.

A wobbly template with sizes!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Bees Knees

Eleanor Burgess
January's WI meeting was all about bees! We had Eleanor Burgess, from The Beekeeping Ladies, give us a talk about Bees and how we can help them as gardeners. I have met Eleanor and her mum Rosemary many times at various fairs and really enjoy their company, as well as their lip balm!! I found out that Eleanor is the local bee inspector and thought what a great job! So The Beekeeping ladies were invited to give us a talk, and it was fascinating. Did you know during WWII bees had their own sugar rations at winter, and that's where the role of bee inspector comes from, it was their job to check the bees really were getting their sugar! Eleanor was full of information, and no matter what bee related question was asked, she knew the answer!
The Beekeeping Ladies goodies
The problem is, my mind is now buzzing with bee ideas ....

Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy Friday

This week I want to join in with a lovely idea on Planet Penny's blog - Happy Friday! I love this blog, it is in my 'real crafty favourites' folder, and Happy Friday is such a good idea.
This week I have been on a two day forest school skills course, where I have spent two days out in the woods. To be honest I was expecting it to be cancelled as the weather forecast was awful!!
So yesterday, we lit fires, made shelters, put shelters back up again when they blew down, practised knots, lashing, frapping as well as learning how to make tent pegs and our own mallet. I came home, had a bath at 7pm and went to bed at 8pm!!

Happy Friday!
Today, we lit fires, redid our shelter, made a new one, lit fires, cooked food on open fires, make a 'skellington' (as Jon called it) and went on a leaf hunt several times! I came home shattered and stinking of wood smoke, and expect to continue to do so for some time!
The little wooden 'hut' was our Thunderbox toilet!
Why don't you visit Planet Penny as join in as well?

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Glitter is for life

I love you more than jammy dodgers
I have decided that glitter isn't just for Christmas! I bought some fabulous glitter fabric from Paper and String to use at Christmas, and it was so lovely to use that I have carried on!
This fabric is easy to cut, doesn't fray and just looks so good! To be honest I haven't tried it in my sewing machine yet though.
brooch or keyring
With Valentines day coming up, I used the glitter fabric to revamp my 'I love you more than jammy dodgers' range, and I am really pleased with the results!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Sock it to 'em!

Late last year, I went to the  Wool Sanctuary to spend the day learning how to knit socks with the fab-u-lous Suzie Johnson. During the course of a very long day - 9 to 5 - Suzie is very generous with her time, I learnt how to knit using four needles, a new method of casting on, a new way of picking up stitches, how to turn a heel and how to graft the toe together at the end for a lovely neat finish.
Charlie Chocolate socks

It was such a lovely day, just two of us sock newbies and Suzie, and a very focused and intense day.
The finished pair!
I did then come home and knit the other sock and I am very proud of them - far too good for wearing though!!
If you want to learn to knit - I can highly recommend Suzie, after all she was good enough for Kirstie Allsopp!!
Work in progress
Before I go - I'd like to wish you all - A very Happy New Year x.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Leaf Lantern

This is something I have done at Forest School but equally you could do at home and the results are fabulous (if I say so myself!!!)
Leaf lantern when lit

One of the images I love on Pinterest are those of leaf lanterns made with autumn leaves. So I spent half term experimenting with different glues and ways to make a simple leaf lantern.
I used a clean jam jar, autumn leaves, pva or school glue, a rubber band and some raffia at the end to pretty it up with. I tried different glues - a glue stick, Copydex, but they didn't work nearly as well.
In daylight

'Paint' the jar with some pva glue. Then wrap a leaf around. Paint on more pva over the leaf and add another leaf, overlapping it. Keep painting on glue and wrapping leaves until the jar is covered. Carefully add a rubber band to hold them in place and leave to dry.
When they are dry you can swap the band for a piece of raffia or a ribbon to look pretty.
Pop a night light inside and wait a few seconds after it is lit.
The colours are beautiful

Please BE VERY CAREFUL when lighting the night light inside the jar, and DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED.